Follow-up Comment #2, bug #21388 (project freeciv):

This should probably be generalised for all SaveSmallWonder type buildings. 
That said, there exists a narrative that supports not granting this under
these conditions.  When a city containing the Palace, the National Museum, the
National Library, etc. is sacked, presumably the attendants save the relevant
relics and evacuate to a nearby city, where they show the relics to the
authorities, and resume their duties.  In the event that a diaspora has been
without a base for some time, the relics slowly dissipate (sold for food,
lost, damaged due to neglect, stored somewhere "safe" that becomes unsafe or
forgotten, etc.).  When a new city is conquered, it takes time and effort to
reestablish the institutions (build a new edifice, collect new relics or find
the old ones, etc.), so the player needs to invest in building the
Palace/Museum/Library/whatever all over again (or do without the benefits that
would accrue from the SmallWonder).


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