Follow-up Comment #9, bug #20932 (project freeciv):

While changing the rules makes more logical sense, I've also generally used
this as a guide to city center placement or transformation (e.g. transform
grassland/river to hills/river on city center always for +defense, +3
production, -1 food).  Given that there are multiple opinions (if only two),
this seems like something that ought be ruleset-defined.

This can be done by creating an extra "Municipal Water System" that is
"AlwaysOnCityCenter", provides a food bonus, and has
"CityTile"/"Center"/"Local"/TRUE as part of the reqs, which is probably a
better way to address this if anyone wanted to revert the behaviour change (if
only as part of better generalisation support for extras).  That said, I'm not
sure what workaround would work for 2.4 (2.5 is trickier, but might work with
a Municipal Water System).


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