Follow-up Comment #2, patch #4648 (project freeciv):

So, I found this when reviewing uses of move_type.  WIth the patches currently
in the patch queue, the use is restricted to the client
(city_production_delegate(), editor_grab_tool(), quickselect(),
unit_color_type(), and usdlg_check_unit_activity()), initialisation (can't
handle UMT_SEA initial units), the AI, and support code (ruleset checking,
is_foo_unit[type](), savcompat killcitizen recovery, etc.)

I could certainly produce a patch that moved all the AI usage to
dai_uclass_move_type, but I'd rather just remove all use of this concept from
the AI, which I believe to be easier than some of the client changes or
dealing with allowing oceanic-only native starting units.  While there are
still many uses in place, my notes include reasonable solutions for all but
6-8 of them, those being deeper things (like ai-> that have
yet to be investigated (many things that have been investigated do not yet
have stable tested patches though).

Despite not liking this function name, I think patch #3336 was otherwise
useful, as using a function rather than direct access to the internal
structure seems cleaner: I don't mean for this patch to revert that: the
intent is rather to make it easier for me to grep the code and erase usages in
the AI (as I don't know what to do for the non-AI uses for which patches have
not been submitted).


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