Summary: Techloss in team games behaves strangely
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There are 3 bugs in the attached savegame. The main one is strange behaviour
caused by techloss during team games.

In the savegame there are 2 teams - 3 players on each team. All 3 of the enemy
players are in democracy.

If you use the diplomats to steal a tech from the Danish city then the enemy
team will lose the tech Democracy due to tech loss. (Note all 3 enemy players
lose the tech - becasue tech is shared in a team). But only the Dane will fall
out of democracy into anarchy. The other two members of the team stay in
democracy despite not having the tech.

Bug number 2 is important here. You cannot see the loss of tech without
logging out and then logging in again.

Bug number 3 is in the names of the players. On my system the Turkish player
and the Polish players have unusual characters in their names. I get the soft
error 'Invalid string conversion from UTF-8 to CP1252' This error is ignored
and the game loads, but if you try to take the player using the names shown
then take fails.


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