Follow-up Comment #1, bug #21938 (project freeciv):

To my mind, changing this to be >= rather than != would be a safe and harmless
change.  Note that pathfinding is going to ignore any potentially available
extra moves (as it considers the path for the *unit class*, with some type
attributes, but not the path for the unit itself), so the unit will only
benefit from unit_move_rate() moves for any calculated paths.

For the second issue, units should probably recalculate paths for GoTo and
Connect on any turn change and on any change in move rate (one can easily gain
a technology mid-turn, which has examples in the default rules both increasing
and decreasing move_rate (decrease through wonder obsolescence)).  While
critical for fueled units who might otherwise be destroyed due to inability to
complete given orders, such reconsideration is likely to cause other units to
take advantage of changing conditions (settler passing through a city decides
to use newly created road, rather than climbing the mountains, etc.).  Dunno
what the right UI for this is though: the current UI shows the planned path,
and folk who really care about details might get annoyed if that wasn't the
followed path.

My personal preference would be to not cancel orders just because the move
rate changed, if the unit can still complete the orders, or otherwise reach
the final destination within approximately the same number of turns.  When
fighting an air-supported war on multiple fronts, I generally assign aircraft
to fronts at build-time, expecting them to arrive to battle in perhaps 4-6
turns.  If the path is interrupted, I have no context to know where that
aircraft wanted to go (and while I'd rather be able to recover the unit than
have it destroyed, I don't want to have to remanage *all* my units just
because I learned a new tech or finally completed a wonder, or whatever).


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