Follow-up Comment #2, bug #21952 (project freeciv):

That is, thank you. It is well documented, I should have found it by myself.

Attached patch to allow all modern infantry units (non upgradable) to
embark/disembark to Helicopters.

I planned for some time to allow Riflemen to upgrade to Marine in this
ruleset, for several reasons. I think it is better to include it here

This way:
- Every infantry unit can be loaded/unloaded to helicopter everywhere, or
upgraded to a unit that can.
- There is only one modern unit (non-upgradable) with flag "Marines".
- A veteran unit of Musketeers was better defender than an unranked Riflemen.
Now there is a good reason to upgrade veteran Musketeers, even if they lose
one veteran level.

(file #20562, file #20563)

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