Thanks for the feedback by testing on a Chromebook. As Freeciv-web is the only way to play Freeciv on a Chromebook, since it's only web-based, so I really want to improve Freeciv-web so that it works better on a Chromebook. The challenge is that the Chromebooks usually have slow CPUs and no GPU, so the performance will be very poor. A screenshot would be very useful. I'll try to get access to a Chromebook myself to check it out.


On Sat, 26 Apr 2014, Daniel Ellis wrote:

It occurred to me after I was writing this message that the slowness is likely 
because of the lack of GPU support on most
Chromebooks. I'll check it out on another platform on my other (faster) machine.
However, I am seeing some weirdness in the HTML UI, specifically the tabs and 
the Freeciv logo on the top. Their padding is
zeroed out and the logo is cut off. I can provide a screenshot if it would help.

On Sat, Apr 26, 2014 at 6:43 PM, Daniel Ellis <> wrote:
      I've been poking around at it on a Chromebook recently, and I can't say 
it's been a very positive experience,
      especially for somebody new to the game. I need to open it on another 
platform and compare to see if there are bugs
      or if what I'm seeing is expected. I'm a front end developer, so I 
certainly could pitch in on the web project if
I tried observing some live games, and it's almost unusable for me. It's 
possible that the games were just not active,
however. Have you had any feedback running the web client on a Chromebook 

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