Follow-up Comment #18, bug #21115 (project freeciv):

And I've completed the review of my rebase, with the following results:

(1) was mitigated with patch #4451, but has other issues.  Bug #21991 raised
for that, but not a dependency of this bug, as the issue is more general than
just present==FALSE.

(2) is ideally a no-op given empty nreqs.  Included in the wider patch #4679
(which is mostly irrelevant to present==FALSE, except for one comment change,
and the underlying motivation)

During preparation of patch #4679, found another case of dependency on
"nreqs", rather than wider requirement processing, raised as bug #21992 (which
this depends upon).

(3) patch #4451 addressed this in a better way (although not textually near my
earlier changes)

(4) root issue raised as bug #21982 (dependency of this bug)

    I did not find anything else in my prior notes that appears to remain
unaddressed by the current codebase.


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