Follow-up Comment #17, bug #21115 (project freeciv):

I rebased an old WIP branch for this cleanup this weekend, and it seems that
vast majority of the issues I had previously identified have been addressed. 
The only remaining parts in my branch were:

1) aicity:affected_unit_class(), which needs to return a list, rather than a
unit_class (with matching adjustments for all callers), in order to support
requirements sets that match multiple unit classes.

2) removing is_effect_disabled from the public effects API, and removing the
section using it from aicity.c

3) aicity:adjust_improvement_wants_by_effects(), which needs to consider that
the improvement under consideration might be present==FALSE

4) effects:is_effect_useful(), which needs to consider that VUT_IMPROVEMENT
may have present==FALSE

    That said, the notes on my branch indicated there were also problems in
helptext (most of which appear to be addressed by bug #21454, patch #4400 or
elsewhere).  I can't remember if I completed an exhaustive listing of the
issues in the notes for this patch, so the above may not be complete.  I don't
quite trust my rebase, and know I hadn't subjected the prior branch to
significant testing, so will want to reinvestigate these changes before filing
bugs for them.


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