I hope discussion on general principles of the future ruleset format

I'm first to admit that I've always been actively making ruleset
format more complex, for my personal desire to have as much control as
possible in my own rulesets. The problem with this is that people who
actually want to to ruleset hacking are typically not programmers, but
are complaining that our ruleset format is already far to complex for
them. Civ2 is used as example where thinghs are easy - and there for
instance units have just slots: Unit number x has such and such
properties (there is always exactly one unit having
Diplomat-abilities, exactly one Paradropping unit...)
To ease ruleset development, we've started developing freeciv-ruledit.
Gui should hide some complexities of the ruleset format, as well as
visualizing them better. Maybe one question you should be asking
yourself in ruleset development is "can I later add easy-to-use gui to
freeciv-ruledit for this?", even though we're not yet adding such
features to freeciv-ruledit.

I've always wanted to rely on lua as little as possible, and the
ruleset simplicity argument is main reason for that. Every time you
say "lua", one freeciv modpack dies.

 - ML

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