Follow-up Comment #3, patch #4722 (project freeciv):

> Is this just for the civ2civ3 Aqueducts, or are there other 
> intended applications?
I'm thinking vaguely of commercial CivIV, where you can have all sorts of
miscellaneous production bonuses; some nations build workers twice as fast, or
access to stone speeds up two or three different buildings a bit. It's not
really possible to do this in Freeciv at the moment.
What made me think about how to do this in Freeciv was an IRC conversation
(with 'morphles', I think, who raised bug #22089); I can't remember what they
wanted to do with it.

> Given the difficulties of explaining any implementation for 
> both players and ruleset authors [...]
On the contrary, the explanation to ruleset authors is extremely simple: "if
you want production of a specific thing to go quicker, just use
Production_Bonus, and it will generally behave sensibly". Similarly for
players, all we need say is "meet these requirements and you get a 10%
production bonus for Horsemen" and all the edge cases should be unsurprising.
My belaboured treatment is all about defining precisely what "behaves
sensibly" means.

Also, don't be put off by the size of my description. I think the existing
logic dealing with city production (with all the special handling of changing
production just after completing something, etc) is probably about as complex
as the new proposals, it's just no-one's written it down as anything other
than code.


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