Follow-up Comment #2, bug #22138 (project freeciv):

I think this is caused by a hack in wipe_unit(), commented by Jason for
PR#14649 (r11263):

      /* FIXME: this sends the remove packet to all players, even those who
       * can't see the unit.  This potentially allows some limited cheating.
       * However fixing it requires changes elsewhere since sometimes the
       * client is informed about unit disappearance only after the unit
       * disappears.  For instance when building a city the settler unit
       * is wiped only after the city is which point the settler
       * is already "hidden" inside the city and can_player_see_unit would
       * return FALSE.  One possible solution is to have a bv_player for
       * each unit to record which players (clients) currently know about
       * the unit; then we could just use a BV_TEST here and not have to
       * worry about any synchronization problems. */

I think that create_city() should remove units no more seen. Also
remove_city() should send unit infos on the tiles. Using editor, it is clearly


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