Marko Lindqvist writes:
> Usable threaded AI
> r20457 / patch #3000
> r20529 / patch #3033

What should I say about threaded AI in the 2.5 release notes?

Is it something we can now wholeheartedly recommend that server
operators and single players can use, or is it believed-working-
but-experimental, or is what's in 2.5 just an intermediate step to a
long-term goal and not yet ready for play?

<> claims the release target for
threaded AI is "3.0 and beyond", which supports the last interpretation.

If it's usable, I'm a bit surprised at the lack of pain. I'd have
thought the AI needs access to all sorts of data structures and that by
now I'd have been impacted by locking being needed in the bits of the
codebase that I frequent. I know we've now got some basic facilities
like MUTEXED_LIST_ITERATE but I was expecting stuff to be sprinkled all
over the code, new coding guidelines, etc.

Has it had autogame testing?

(I know all AIs currently run in the same thread, per patch #3309.)

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