Summary: civ2civ3: terrain transformations
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            Submitted on: dom 15 jun 2014 14:04:01 UTC
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Some players are not liking the restricted terrain transformations available
in this ruleset.

Most limitations were designed to keep the aspect of scenarios based on real
earth maps, specially the restrictions to transform jungles and swamps early
in game.

However, I designed those transformations when it was possible for any
engineer to perform them. Now that transformations have been delayed until the
research of fusion power, I think it is possible to be more permissive without
altering the aspect of earth maps in an unrealistic way.

I have created this patch that other players agree could be an improvement,
even if not exactly what players are used to with default rules:

- Allowed early transformation from Forest to Grassland, so it is possible to
transform Grass->Forest->Plain, and also Plain->Forest->Grass, with same
working time (25).
- Reduced irrigation times in swamps, so they are not that bad.
- Restored food output of Deep oceans, so Global warming does not affect
Oceans that much. Now oceans transformed to deep ocean would only lose their
specials. While all other effects from global warming would be reversible with
- Allowed transformation from Mountain to Hills, and from Grassland to Lake.
It is still possible to transform any terrain to hills by changing them to
forest first.
- Designed so most useful transformations can be finished in 1 or 2 steps.


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