Follow-up Comment #3, bug #22204 (project freeciv):

So, if using a compiler that respects GNU triplets, then the right
substitution is the target triplet, for any multiarch environments compatible
with the Debian multiarch model: precisely how to capture these for
cross-compilation depends on how one is doing cross-compilation.  The current
set of potential values is listed at , although
only a subset are likely to be encountered in Debian multiarch environments. 
I'm also not convinced the current patch will work if the libraries are also
multiarch-enabled (this should require the same class of change for the
POTENTIAL_PATHS entry that starts with /usr/lib/qt5).

Unfortunately, I also don't know how to fix it with autotools, but logically
the build system should determine if it is being built in a Debian-style
multiarch environment, and if so, determine the target GNU triplet for the
build, and use that to extend POTENTIAL_PATHS for *both* header and library
location (if headers are multiarch, and libraries not, that is a serious
distro bug, and should be fixed in Debian, not in freeciv (as that implies
that the definition of Qt changes based on architecture, but the
implementation does not, which is hard to believe: multiarch libraries and
non-multiarch headers are the common case)).


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