Follow-up Comment #2, bug #22074 (project freeciv):

A savegame that can be used to reproduce the issue is attached.  To use, you
will need to apply the following temporary patch:

--- a/data/civ1/terrain.ruleset
+++ b/data/civ1/terrain.ruleset
@@ -844,9 +844,10 @@ act_gfx_alt    = "-"
 rmact_gfx      = "None"
 rmact_gfx_alt  = "-"
 reqs           =
-    { "type", "name", "range"
-      "UnitFlag", "Settlers", "Local"
-      "TerrainClass", "Land", "Local"
+    { "type", "name", "range", "present"
+      "UnitFlag", "Settlers", "Local", TRUE
+      "TerrainClass", "Land", "Local", TRUE
+      "Terrain", "Mountains", "Local", FALSE
 native_to      = "Land"
 hidden_by      = "Railroad"

    With that applied, load the savegame, and press Turn Done.  Capua should
disband into Settlers, and the Road appear to remain on the Mountain.  If you
then move the Diplomat adjacent to the Settlers, the Mountain still has a

    Reload the savegame, and press Turn Done to disband Capua.  Now, disband
the Settlers (and notice the Mountain still has a Road, but is fogged).  Now
move the Diplomat adjaced to the prior site of Capua, and notice that there is
no Road on the Mountain.

    The bug is that remove_city() isn't updating tile information when the
city is removed (analogous to bug #22222, but for tile info, rather than
units).  As long as the city tile remains under continuous observation
(adjacent units, adjacent city, etc.), any changes to tile extras that
occurred as a result of city removal will remain unknown to the client.  As
soon as vision to a tile is lost, and then restored, the client will ask for
an update of the tile state, and get the correct information.

(file #21089)

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