Follow-up Comment #1, patch #4830 (project freeciv):

This is really cool, but I've a few notes:

1) I'd much prefer use of "multiplier" to "multipler"
2) I get fuzz applying the patch to trunk: against which version of the source
did you create the diff?
3) When applied to trunk (ignoring fuzz), it doesn't compile (probably because
I'm trying to patch against the wrong version of the code).
4) In handle_ruleset_multipler(), there is a check to determine if too many
were received.  I believe this ought a) use > or >= rather than ==, and b) use
MAX_MULTIPLIERS_COUNT rather than the constant 15.
5) I'd prefer using a pointer to a multiplier in effects.[ch], rather than the
bare ID integer, just as a matter of compartmentalisation of the code.


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