Summary: Scenario earth-160x90: Updated starting positions
                 Project: Freeciv
            Submitted by: bardo
            Submitted on: lun 23 jun 2014 23:31:43 UTC
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Replaced some nations by similar nations from Core group:
Gallic by Celtic
Malian by Mali
Cambodian by Khmer
British by English

Added some more nations (up to 38) to fill some void regions (mainly oceania,
southamerica, north of northamerica, and north of asia):
* from Core group: Apache, Taino, Indonesian.
* from Non-core: Australian Aboriginal, Papuan, Kongo, Manchu, Tatar, Inuit,
Guarani, Mapuche.

Designed so it is playable with 30 nations from the core group, but optimally
with 38 nations from all groups.

Adjusted some starting positions to match the place of some known capital of
the nation (even when it is hard because the map is not that accurate, nor my
knowledge of geography):
Greek: Athens
Celtic: Bibracte
Viking: Trondheim
Russian: Moscow
Indian: New delhi
Korean: Seoul
Mongol: Ulan Bator
Tatar: Sibir (from Siberian Tatar Khanate)
Turkish: Suyab (from Turkic Khaganate, because Anatolia is too populated
Inca: Cuzco
Mali: Timbuktu
Kongo: Mbanza kongo
Indonesian: Jakarta
Australian Aboriginal: Canberra

Reduced to the minimum the settings forced by the scenario, so the player can
decide as much as possible. Altough I did it manually and I'm not sure if the
best way.


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