Follow-up Comment #1, patch #4887 (project freeciv):

On AI use of sliders:
    In the event that slider value changes are limited to once per turn
(players can change as much as they want, whenever they want, but the effect
of having done so only takes effect on turn change), the the AI can call into
a valuation routine at end-of-turn to set appropriate values.  For each
multiplier, iterate over the effects (probably makes sense to add multipliers
as a source in the ruleset cache for performance reasons), and call
dai_effect_value() to determine the relative interest in the effect.  Then
compute the total valuation of any possible slider position, and select the
best one (or a random one of the best in the case of equivalent valuation). 
Note that doing it this way will cause any bugs in dai_effect_value() to
become more obvious if they happen to match effects for which multipliers are

    In the event that slider values take effect in realtime, a lightweight
target optimisation routine could be added for in-turn relative effects (e.g.
unit move rates, attack/defense bonuses, etc.), which has a cache of
multipliers relative to specific activities/conditions, which is checked when
those conditions apply.  In such cases, the AI would push the slider all the
way for that effect at that moment, so the sliders move about over the course
of the turn (if relevant), and and end of turn, the routine described above is
called to set sensible values for turn change.  If this is needed, it may make
sense to have it be a different patch than the once/turn calculation, as it
would be nice to call into some of the code written for that during the cache

    I haven't investigated the call stack, but it may be that the AI will need
to set the multipliers to some neutral value (e.g. 1.0) before calculating
best values, so as not to end up in a feedback loop: yes this won't be
optimal, but calculating true multivariate optimums without succumbing to
local maxima takes more processing than the classic AI should be permitted.


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