Follow-up Comment #2, bug #22234 (project freeciv):

Could we fix this in a similar way to the way we decoupled nationlist.ruleset
from specific rulesets, by having allowed_govs, allowed_terrains etc in the

In fact, savegames (and hence scenario) are mostly self-describing; they
already have specials_vector, etc.
Could this be as simple as removing the line 'rulesetdir="classic"' from
scenarios, and interpreting a savegame without a rulesetdir in the context of
another ruleset, matching objects by name?

Terrains are currently represented in scenario maps as single letters. We
could rely on conventions for use of those letters by rulesets, or explicitly
include a terrain-name<->letter mapping in the savegame so as to bind by

(Of course things like the [playerX] sections would be illegal in such


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