Follow-up Comment #7, bug #22252 (project freeciv):

>  Editor is supposed to be part of the scenario creation, not limited by the
other rules of the scenario (for example editor might just be the way self
root-req'd tech is in the game at all) 

    In that case, my testing indicates this patch solves this issue.

> Also, testing high level tech effects on experimental ruleset would be royal
pain if you had to give every recursive root-req on the way.

    In the event that we cared about depedencies, one solution to this problem
would be to automatically add all the necessary root-reqs when a tech was

> I think [adding techs being restricted by dependencies] has never been the
case in editor. 

    I believe it has been like this since r25290, but don't think that needs a
separate bug (this patch solves that as well).


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