Update of bug #22271 (project freeciv):

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Follow-up Comment #5:

Other behaviour changes:
* If a player goes from 0->1 cities by walking into someone else's, or
diplomacy, they get free buildings (same rules as creating their own).

* (player)->server.capital renamed to 'got_first_city'
** Trunk calls it this in savegames (but loads old name from old savegames for
backwards compat; old trunk savegames will be troublesome)
* Batch transfer of cities (civil war, etc) continues to choose where to build
free buildings randomly (rather than in the first city transferred)
** gameloss_style=barbarians now uses the same logic as civil war etc rather
than checking player_capital(), which might make a difference to nonstandard
* Moved savepalace checking into build_free_small_wonders()

(file #21290, file #21291, file #21292)

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