Follow-up Comment #3, patch #4885 (project freeciv):

I no longer believe this ticket can be split: the manner in which the AI
detects whether an improvement is interesting is somewhat semantically bound
to how is_improvement_redundant() is implemented.

>From the client side, the calls to is_improvement_redundant() seem sensible:
ask if buildings currently in cities are currently providing a benefit (with
no promise that they won't start providing a benefit later).  A sensible
implementation for this is just to see if the improvement provides value
(money, units, extras, disaster protection, action prevention, effects, etc.),
which isn't terribly difficult (although a bit tedious, with lots of potential
for consolidated logic).  Doing this properly will also require some means of
deciding whether an additional effect value is actually beneficial (for
example, an effect that reduced unit movement by 1 should probably not be
considered beneficial).

For the AI, things are a bit different.  The AI seems to use this in part to
decide if a building that isn't currently in a city will ever be interesting
to have, so using the same logic above means that many improvements that
*will* be interesting later are ignored, reducing the want value for
dependencies (e.g. Libraries get built less because they fact that they enable
Universities isn't interesting, because the University isn't providing any
effect for a city without a Library).  Also, the AI immediately sells any
improvement that it detects as redundant, so improvements that are only
sometimes useful tend to get sold before they are useful when conditions
aren't right (e.g. switch from Democracy to Communism: lose Superhighways
trade bonus, sell Superhighways, find Democracy less interesting later (and if
interesting enough, less beneficial than before)).  I'm tempted for the AI to
consider building utility differently, selling buildings less often: this may
mean keeping buildings that aren't currently useful (e.g. Cathedrals in the
presence of Michelangelo's Chapel or Police Stations in the presence of
Women's Suffrage), but seems to cause the AI to develop cities more in

Others opinions on the matter welcomed.


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