Follow-up Comment #4, patch #4885 (project freeciv):

New strategy, informed by IRC discussion:

1) AI callers of is_effect_prevented() and is_improvement_redundant() to use
new daieffects facility to determine if an improvement provides any currently
useful feature (units, extras, disaster protection, action enablement, action
prevention, etc.), or could do so in the future given the capabilities of the

2) is_improvement_redundant() to be replaced with function to determine if an
improvment is currently useful (based on checking if the improvment affects
units, extras, disasters, actions, effects, etc.), which will be used to
provide UI guidance in the client, and client strings related to "redundant"
will be adjusted to better fit the new semantics.

    This ticket now only strives to achieve the first of these: client-facing
changes will be in patch #4987.


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