Follow-up Comment #20, bug #22050 (project freeciv):

Here's my revised release note notes:
* S2_5/trunk: net effect of all changes under this ticket is as comment #8,
except that the invariant which is enforced is as I described the original
code to be, not the weaker one.
** (This and max depth are probably best described as new restrictions in
S2_5, though, given that S2_4 enforcement was so weak.)
* S2_4 net effect:
** Remove broken attempts to enforce max load depth and which units can
transport which; anything that the ruleset appears to permit
*** No change to behaviour at unit load time
*** Deep/"invalid" transport stacks used to cause sanity check complaints, now
** (no change to ability to load onto loaded transport -- you still can't --
so don't need to backport bug #22190 / bug #22189)


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