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Question for Project leaders:

It's my understanding if I want to perform an action on a given unit, it's
done through the "edit" object as of FC 2.4.  As this is server code, is it
legitimate to have this code if all one wants to do is legally move a unit to
another city in the Lua script in lieu of doing so manually via the GUI?  I
mean, of course one can, but would it be violating normal game place if the
command was given by a Lua script as opposed to a number of mouse clicks? 
Would the edit.unit_move operate exactly as if one were doing so via the GUI? 
does unit_teleport work that way?  Will it check if the teleport is even
possible if done so from the GUI?  If the move is across land without
railroads will it properly move the unit step by step across multiple turns
just like if the unit was sent via the GUI?  I just want to be clear as the
unit_move is already there but I want to look into something like unit_fortify
and unit_sentry or something more generic like unit_set_activity, with checks
to see if the activity is legitimate for this unit type and location.  How
much of the edit module is "godlike" and how much is just bypassing the GUI?


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