Leonard Hetu writes:
> I've been playing FreeCiv for a couple of weeks now and quite enjoy
> it. 
> The last two days however, something has changed where the wonders
> don't appear as a choice to build in the city menu. 
> The only way I've been able to get them to appear is save the game,
> exit the site, then reload the game. 
> After doing this, the wonders then appear as a selection in the city
> menu. 
> However, after selecting a wonder to build, one turn later a message
> appears that it is no longer available to build. 

Hm. I don't know of any known issues like that.
We'll need a bit more information before we can dig into this, though.

Which version of Freeciv are you using, and which client (Gtk, SDL,
web, ...?)

What wonders have you seen this with? ...and have you changed to a
different ruleset that the default?

Do you have a save game that we can look at?

It's best if you raise a ticket in our bug tracking system about this,
so we don't lose it. See the instructions at


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