Follow-up Comment #6, patch #4995 (project freeciv):

On English: have no worries.  If your meaning is clear, that is sufficient. 
If my meaning is unclear, feel free to ask for clarification (I use English as
my primary language, but do not claim that my usage matches any accepted

If you've been asked not to put temporary code which cannot usefully be
changed in rulesets before, then I can see how this is in conflict, and I
withdraw that suggestion (although I'm unsure the alternatives are ideal).

On documentation: I suppose being clearer about the meaning of "hard coded
requirements" in doc/README.actions and ruleset comments would be sufficient. 
I'm not sure precisely how much becomes visible as I work through patch #4987
and related, nor how generalisations I add there may be used later.  With the
current code, the hardcoded rules are not visible except with

On bug exposure: if you're using action_enabler_append_hard() as a list of
outstanding tasks, then I don't see the point of doing it a different way
(which exposes the issues to users).  My fear was that this was a facility
that would be extended over time, rather than one that would be reduced over

On embassies: I agree that it's pointless to create an embassy when one
exists, and this action should be disabled (especially for units that might be
destroyed by taking the action).  I'm unsure whether having that in a
requirements vector is better: it makes it easier to write help or set the
action dialog content in the UI for humans, but the AI will still benefit from
hardcoding here (because it's not worth checking for a unit that can create an
embassy or where it might go unless there is a lack of embassy with the
target), but the current AI is omniscient, so doesn't really care about
embassies, making this matter less.

Note that in the absence of my objection to hard-coding requirements at all,
the above is merely discussion: bug #22401 already exists, so this patch
doesn't make anything worse, and does avoid some outstanding issues.


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