Follow-up Comment #2, patch #5010 (project freeciv):

>Has anyone tried autogames involving teams with pooled research disabled? I
suspect that one reason it's buggy is that it's a non-default configuration.
I played a couple of games with v2.5, civ2civ3 rules, all AIs in same team,
and pooled research disabled. I did not notice bugs, but I can't be sure
because I did not watch the tech upkeep specifically.
I did notice that AIs use to share all their techs, but they waste a lot of
science by researching the same techs at same time. And I personally like to
play this way because I can fight against big teams of AIs that share their
resources against me, but are not too ahead in tech research.
When I tried pooled research in previous versions (without tech upkeep), a
group of 6 AIs were technologically unreachable for me.


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