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WIP patch for TRUNK, sdl2-client only.

Network protocol changed so that nation availability packet tells if it's
being sent because of nationset change or because someone picked/unpicked a
nation. That's used to avoid double dialog update when first nation
availability changes and then changes the value of the "nationset" option
(required to show correct nationset in the selection widget).

- sdl-client (TRUNK / S2_5)
- make network protocol change optional in S2_5 (probably meaning slow and
ugly double update for the dialog when server is beta1 one)

Note that we have to wait for server to send new option value back to us - we
can't just update the dialog with the value we're requesting, as the request
may fail for some reason, or nationset change might be requested by someone
else than us.

(file #21663)

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