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Follow-up Comment #9:

> This bug is no longer present in version 2.5.
I don't think it's fixed.

The behaviour you describe sounds like what happens in a turn _after_ the turn
you lose the tech, where the unit starts out with 0 move points.

The attached save files allow you to lose Rocketry by giving it to another civ
with whom you have contact (techlost_donor=100%), and then try moving the
existing Nuclear unit in the same turn (which should work). Behaviour:
* S2_4 r25827 (+ civ2civ3 2.4-6 10-Apr-2014) and S2_5 r25834
** arrow keys: move unit (OK)
** goto: forbidden cursor, "Didn't find a route to the destination!" (bad)
** explode: explodes without moving first (very bad)
* trunk r25834
** arrow keys: move unit (OK)
** goto: lets you set a route and hover text claims it will move this turn,
but when you click, it doesn't follow it this turn (unit stays put with "G"
icon, apparently waiting to move next turn) (bad)
** explode: unit moves and explodes at destination (OK)

On all branches, the behaviour the turn after losing the tech (where the unit
has 0 MP) is OK:
* arrow keys: do nothing (OK)
* goto: forbidden cursor, "Didn't find a route to the destination!" (OK)
* explode: "Too far for this unit." (OK)

There have been various changes in pathfinding recently which I guess might
affect this. It does seem to be bugs in pathfinding assuming inability to
move, rather than actual inability to move.

(I also see "Tileset "amplio2" doesn't support long goto paths, such as -1.
Path not displayed as expected." in the client console when I'm playing with

(file #21667, file #21668)

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