Follow-up Comment #10, bug #21932 (project freeciv):

I can confirm this bug is still present in windows 2.5 beta1 using the test
file you just added.

There are some issues while doing this.

While trying to give away the tech rocketry to the ai nation; it was
impossible unless I also agreed to a cease-fire.

When the nuke exploded my screen shifted to a different area of the map. (next
unit in focus) so it looks like the nuke explosion graphic shifted from where
it actually exploded to a new area of the map.

I originally tested this with the longturn ruleset where nuclear units are
able to achieve veterancy and gain an extra movemement point. In the editor if
you promote a nuclear unit after losing the tech rocketry it has the same
effect as moving to the next turn. That is a unit with 8 moves remaining even
after rocketry is lost, loses all moves by being promoted in the editor. 


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