Summary: LAN scan has never worked for me on Ubuntu Linux
                 Project: Freeciv
            Submitted by: jtn
            Submitted on: Sun 12 Oct 2014 14:15:00 BST
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                 Release: S2_4 r26761
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I don't recall seeing the "LAN scan" feature working with any version of
Freeciv, on Linux, ever (or at least since I've been using Ubuntu).

My current Ubuntu version is 12.04 (but I've used older LTS versions such as
10.04). Testing with Freeciv head-of-S2_4 r26761 (but as I say, I've never
seen it work with an older or newer version).

This may well be something peculiar to my configuration, so some details:
* I believe network stack is IPv6-capable but it certainly has no connectivity
(so only link-local/localhost stuff should work?)
* I use two machines, both currently running Ubuntu 12.04:
** one (desktop) which may or may not have a local network interface (eth0),
and basically always has a ppp0 Internet connection and is running a
forwarding firewall (and has been this way forever). (THis is an unusual
configuration; most people have a router to manage their Internet
** one (netbook) which is in a classic client setup, usually with wired or
wireless network connectivity (including firewall)

Normally client and server run on the same machine (am I right to expect this
case to work?), but I can't get any joy even if they don't.

(Disclaimer: I know little about broadcast/multicast/UDP and how it's meant to
be used.)


Here's what I see when I follow the steps in patch #5361. (I believe udp/4555
and udp/4556 are the relevant ports for this feature, and
default_multicast_group_ipv4 is "".)
FAOD, this was all on the desktop machine, with ppp0 but without eth0
connectivity; but adding eth0 or doing it on the netbook or putting
client/server on different machines seems to make little difference.

> 1. Start server

No error messages on server console. "netstat -a --ip -n" shows:

udp        0      0  *                         

"netstat -g -n" gains this additional line on the desktop:

ppp0            1

(Hmm. Only joining multicast group on a single interface, and that being an
unhelpful one? On my netbook this line mentions "eth0".)

> 2. Start client

No change.

> 3. "Connect to Network Game"
> 4. Wait a couple of seconds for server to appear in "Local Area Network"
-tab (open by default) 

Step 4 never happens. No error messages from client.

udp        0      0  *                         

udp        0      0  *                         

ppp0            2

(similar but with "eth0" on the netbook)


Vague theory (just formed):

We're somehow attaching the LAN-scan magic to a single random interface when
maybe we should be attaching it to more.

On my desktop machine it ends up on the Internet interface, ppp0. On my
netbook it ends up on eth0. Maybe that explains why they can't see each other?
Perhaps if my setup were more conventional (both machines only having "eth0")
it would happen to work?

Maybe not attaching it to "lo" explains why client/server on the same machine
can't see each other?


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