Follow-up Comment #63, bug #21038 (project freeciv):

> 1 Are there a plan to release the new official GTK2 packages 
> with this DLLs?
> 2 If so, when?
Assuming you mean Freeciv packages as taka says:

I'd like to release 2.5.0-beta2 with the new Gtk2 DLLs first, because that's
what we planned already and it gives users a chance to shake out any issues
before a stable release. There are some blockers still for that release.

I want to make a stable 2.4.4 release shortly after that, because it has a
number of important fixes (including this one).

> 3 ver2.3.5 is a final release but has this serious problem.
> Can you release "real" final version 2.3.6 for 2.3 players 
> (including me) ?
I'd rather not do a full 2.3.6 release; we don't really have the resources to
support four or five branches simultaneously (2.3 oldstable, 2.4 stable, 2.5
beta, 2.6 branching soon, then trunk).

Would the existing 2.3.5(Gtk 2.16.6)
test build do?

Out of interest, why do you still need 2.3? Is there still a multiplayer
community using it?
(I wasn't that convinced that 2.3.5 was worth our while, after we released it,
as I heard very little back.)


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