Follow-up Comment #2, bug #22838 (project freeciv):

> lot of other actions, such as Caravan ones, diplomat ones, 
> building city, loading/unloading etc. are not subject to 
> "unitwaittime" neither. 
Building cities is subject to unitwaittime.
I agree the others aren't; for actions that can affect enemies like
caravan/diplomat ones I suspect this is an oversight rather than deliberate.

I think nuclear explosion is clearly an aggressive act and preventing it is in
the spirit of unitwaittime. Nuclear explosion by means of attempted move
(attack) is prevented, so it seems inconsistent to allow it in-place.

> Only moves are affected by "unitwaittime" (/help unitwaittime). 
Mm, should probably fix that then. There's an error message that implies it's
move-only too.


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