Update of bug #20705 (project freeciv):

                  Status:             In Progress => Ready For Test         
         Planned Release:                         => 2.5.0, 2.6.0           


Follow-up Comment #2:

> Noticed that in all branches, A was not able to click B's
> transport to see units inside.
Raised as bug #22851.

> Client A gets the following error messages:
> 1: in unit_transport_unload() [unit.c::2105]: assertion
> 'same_pos(unit_tile(pcargo), unit_tile(ptrans))' failed.
Raised as bug #22852.

> 1: Server wants us to remove unit id 119, but we don't know about this
Raised as bug bug #22853 for two of them. Fixing the two other here.

> Client C gets the following error messages (unexpected in
> original summary I think):
> 1: 0x1d606c0 119 Galleon at (32,25) B
> 1: in handle_tile_info() [packhand.c::2730]: assertion '0 ==
> unit_list_size(ptile->units)' failed.
Fix attached: transfer_city() now hide/reveal units for all players (removed
the saw_entering) which was only working for one unit and which was also not
enabled in the case of city transferring by diplomatic treaty.

Not targeting for 2.4.4, because:
* there is no supplied ruleset able to reproduce this bug;
* this would only throw safe assertion, it is still possible to play with
* I am quite scared to break something else;
* it would require more work than for S2_5 and trunk.

(file #22707, file #22708)

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