This primarily directed toward Mike as the primary active developer, but I
wanted to get a handle on the roadmap to the next release, presumably to be
called 0.11.7.

I understand that Mike is still working on his larger project, but I feel
like FreeCol is moving toward a new release. It's been nearly a year since
the old one and I feel like a new release could be a good shot in the arm
and provide some new improvements and much needed bug fixes to the users
who don't compile from thr Git repo.

>From a results side, there are at least 20 bug fixes in place as well as
some changes that have been left open pending any reports of the bug
popping up again (at least 5 if not 10 of these) The classic rules have
been updated with better data on production values for certain colonists.
Various visual improvements from Wintertime have been committed as well.

What do you all think needs to be done before the next release? And do you
think the change to Java 8 requires a new version of 0.12.0?

On my end, I'd like to take another look at the Javadocs pertaining to the
panels in order for them to be more clear to future GUI devs. I have
updated the Javadoc layout of the AboutPanel and added a layout guide to
the information panel. I think a few more of these would be good for some
important panels.

Additionally, one other idea would be to post a news story on the main page
about an upcoming release with some information on changes and
improvements, etc. That will drum up interest as well.


Caleb Williams
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