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> I understand that Mike is still working on his larger project,

Not really "larger".  I am massively distracted from FreeCol ATM due to RL.
FreeCol work is stuck in a rewrite of native trade and European
diplomacy.  Once those are done I can remove a lot of use of DOM, which
has long been planned.  That in turn should make it possible to fix
BR#2925.  BR#2925 is nasty, it wrecks and corrupts games.  I regard it as a
release blocker.

> It's been nearly a year since the old one

We have made good progress over that time.  If we did not have BR#2925, 
and native trade and European diplomacy worked again (they are partially
broken and have open bugs against trunk to that effect), we would be in
good shape for a release.

> What do you all think needs to be done before the next release? And do you
> think the change to Java 8 requires a new version of 0.12.0?

Major version number changes are reserved for major changes to the save
game format.  The Java 8 changes are only visible to developers, and people
who try to run FreeCol on old Java versions:-).  Unless of course you
include the bugs I introduced in 7->8 like the
combat.unitDemotion.artillery one you pointed out the other day.

> On my end, I'd like to take another look at the Javadocs pertaining to the
> panels in order for them to be more clear to future GUI devs. I have
> updated the Javadoc layout of the AboutPanel and added a layout guide to
> the information panel. I think a few more of these would be good for some
> important panels.

Go for it.

> Additionally, one other idea would be to post a news story on the main page
> about an upcoming release with some information on changes and
> improvements, etc. That will drum up interest as well.

I am always reluctant to hype up a new release without a release date.
That said, if you ever want to write up a news item, we have been better
about writing release notes as we go, so the wiki page for 0.11.7 should
be reasonably up to date and can be trawled for points of interest.

Mike Pope

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