On 08/08/2017 04:30 PM, Johannes Keyser wrote:
> Dear all,
> During yesterday's FreedomBox installfest at SHA2017.org, several
> people encountered problems installing on an RPi3: No apparent
> response (no flashing of green LED during boot), except for the
> testing image, freedombox-testing-nonfree_2017-02-02_raspberry2-armhf.img.
> Can anyone contradict this observation, e.g. with successful install
> of freedombox-stable-nonfree_2017-07-17_raspberry2-armhf.img?
> (Assuming this should be possible. I have no RPi3 to test it myself.)

I'm quite sure the current (stable) raspberry2 image won't work on
Raspberry Pi 3. When the image is built, a u-boot (from u-boot-rpi
package) is placed at the beginning of the disk image. This u-boot is
marked specifically for rpi_2.

There is 2 additional u-boots (in the same package) for rpi_3: one
32-bit (armhf) and one 64-bit (arm64). I attempted to build the arm64
image for raspberry3, but have not quite gotten it to boot yet. My
current work in progress is here:

It also requires a patch to current vmdebootstrap. So perhaps it would
be better to just build an armhf image for raspberry3.


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