Hi Tom, Jerome, everybody,

> however using any OS with the wrong keyboard driver is simply shit.

Trying to explain: Imagine your keyboard has AZERTY written on it. Then
DOS comes and simply assumes you have a "normal" QWERTY keyboard. Now
every time when you press the A button, DOS types Q for you. Big pain!

You basically have to pretend that your keyboard has all the QWERTY-
specific writings on all the keys to be able to type stuff when DOS
blindly assumes that your keyboard would actually be QWERTY style.

>> Finally, I will be using mkeyb to set the keyboard layouts. It only
>> has roughly 30 or so languages.
> even as author of MKEYB: there is no reason to ignore the other ~60
> keyboards that are available in freedos 1.0.

>> XKEYB is also installed and the user may change over to that for 
>> more choices.

The suggestion to use MKEYB is an attempt to compromise: MKEYB already
has the most popular layouts AND config for it could be squeezed into
a reasonably small amount of BAT code and only 1 question to the user.

The installer could even make reasonable assumptions and offer default
settings based on the language selected for the installation, but the
two topics (translations and keyboard layout) are mostly independent.

The choice of XKEYB is so big that a big advanced menu would have to
be implemented, which might be asking too much from Jerome's time...

Users with less popular layouts could therefore answer the question on
MKEYB layouts with "I have none of those" and the installer could then
say "Okay, read this text file with a list of XKEYB layouts and type a
layout name for XKEYB at this prompt..." Which would be less fun for
the user than some quick "pick one of those layouts, select 0-9 / A-Z"
in the initial MKEYB menu but also less work for Jerome to implement,
compared to a full menu with descriptions for tons of possible XKEYB
layouts. I admit that I am simplifying the XKEYB problem here. I omit
the "sub ID number" and "which definition file" part. Even having to
fill in some extra prompts can be less pain than having to use EDIT
to update AUTOEXEC manually later, while being in the "wrong" layout.

Regards, Eric

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