> Why not just "touch" your .COM file itself (argv[0], DOS 3+)> when run? 
> Because you don't know when you're supposed to touch it and when you aren't.  
> You only want to touch it the first time it is run after a reboot, and you 
> can't (automatically) tell when a reboot just happened without referencing 
> something you've stored in memory (it can't be done with something stored on 
> a hard drive or something somebody else stored in memory).  You could put the 
> onus on the user to tell the program when to do (or not do) the touch with 
> command-line options, which I think is what you may be referring to with the 
> argv.  But, even that won't work if the file is read-only (either with file 
> attributes or read-only media, like a CD or write-protected floppy).
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