Hi Jose,

>  I received this message, which seems genuine:
>> From: "SourceForge.net" <noti...@slashdotmedia.com>
>> To: <jasse...@vivointernetdiscada.com.br>
>> Subject: Important Account Information - Reconfirm Mailing List Subscriptions

I got a similar message on Saturday.

>>  Form security (reCAPTCHA) missing, please submit again 
>   Nowhere on the original page there was a captcha field.

reCAPTCHA opens a pop-up, where you have to selected from a 4x4 (?) set
of images, e. g., all images showing a bus, or a tree. You get it...

>  This looks like another contrivance to keep out users of old browsers.
>  ( I am using Firefox 2.0.20 for Windows98)

Worked fine here for me on XP using Chrome 49 or Firefox 50.

Robert Riebisch
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