>>   Nowhere on the original page there was a captcha field.
> reCAPTCHA opens a pop-up, where you have to selected from a 4x4 (?) set
> of images, e. g., all images showing a bus, or a tree. You get it...
>>  This looks like another contrivance to keep out users of old browsers.
>>  ( I am using Firefox 2.0.20 for Windows98)
> Worked fine here for me on XP using Chrome 49 or Firefox 50.

reCAPTCHA is heavy javascript. I think the limiting factor isn't the
browser per-se, but the level of javascript support in your browser,
and if you have javascript turned on. Some folks opt to disable
javascript, so Jose might also check he has javascript turned on.

Sites that use reCAPTCHA can opt to enable a mode that will work on
browsers without javascript, but site admins (i.e. SourceForge) have
to take an extra step to make that happen. I haven't looked at the
SourceForge page's HTML code, but maybe they didn't take that extra

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