Hi all

In June, we had the FreeDOS Blog Challenge, where we asked people to write
about how they used FreeDOS. This was part of a monthlong celebration of
the 23rd anniversary of FreeDOS (June 29 1994-2017).

We got a lot of stories, and it was really fun to read how people used
FreeDOS. Someone on Facebook suggested a follow-up, and I thought that was
a good idea.

So I'm starting the FreeDOS Summer Coding Challenge!


For this challenge, we're asking people to write about how to write code in
FreeDOS. This is a great way to help new developers get started in coding
with FreeDOS, using C, Assembly, Pascal, or any programming language
included with the FreeDOS distro. If any FreeDOS devs are interested in
helping out in the challenge, details are on the blog.

I'm also thinking this is a great way to generate how-to articles for the
wiki, so I expect I'll cross-post items to the wiki, as well.

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