Eh, we may have different goals here. I'm looking for something closer to ANSI BASIC (actually I'm thinking of basing mine on ECMA-55 since it's free). I just want a plain old BASIC with the ability to run shell commands. My > vision is to have a really small binary that could reasonably run on an IBM PC and replace MS BASIC.

It is good idea. Will this BASIC environment be compatible BASICA?

I don't really see a need to replace QBASIC, because FreeBASIC already replaces QuickBASIC which I believe is a
superset of QBASIC.

FreeBASIC is 32 bit. It needs CWSDPMI.

I've wanted to clone GW-BASIC, but trying to do even that is quite a bit out of my range as a programmer (plus I've been pretty deep into Microsoft's 6502 BASIC source code, which is a close relative to GW-BASIC, so...)

Good idea.

I think GW-BASIC clone name's and QBASIC clone name's is "FD-BASIC".


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