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> On Mar 23, 2023, at 11:41 PM, Louis Santillan <lpsan...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Oh oh.  I was mistaken.  It was Dave Dunfield's MC323EXA.ZIP with the files
> RERROR handles stderr capture via DOS.
> ROUTPUT handles ALL text capture via BIOS.
> http://dunfield.classiccmp.org/dos/mc323exa.zip 
> <http://dunfield.classiccmp.org/dos/mc323exa.zip>

Did not know about those. So, I glanced at it.

The ROUTPUT is only vaguely similar in goals and general concept.
Is not open source. (Only, free for non-commercial use)
Written in C.
Would not work for boot logging. 
Is a single program that executes another, capturing that output.
Will consume far more conventional memory (program + 32k memory)
Does not have a flexible buffer.
Data exceeding 32k is lost.
Requires a writeable file system.
Only supports text output through BIOS TTY function 0x0E.
LOGGER is really completely different.

Is open source. (BSD 3-Clause)
Written in assembly (NASM).
Will work for boot message logging.
Is a pair of programs, that can continuously capture all text.
Consumes very little conventional memory (probably around 1-2k), and can be 
loaded into upper memory.
Has a default XMS buffer size of 256k, but will be able to make that larger or 
Will employee a cyclic buffer. When/If full, it will discard older stuff to 
make room. (I could possible grow it’s buffer, but I don’t think that will be 
needed nor worth the overhead.)
Does not require a writable file system.
Uses a more complex method for capturing text.

Thats just the main differences. They only sort-of sound similar. They really 
are completely different.

Anyhow, I’m working on LOGGER at https://gitlab.com/DOSx86/logger 



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