Hi All,

Logger is coming along very well and is already semi-functional. 

At present, the driver loads, allocates XMS storage and takes control of what 
it needs. Also, the rudimentary logging works and it can log most  text during 
boot process. The interface program can print the log and turn off logging. 
Saving the log only requires redirecting the output from the interface program 
to file.

It is looking very promising that it could be at least usable for T2304.

But, there are a couple things that still need done before that time. Mostly, 
that is the more complex logging required to capture text from programs that 
perform more complicated output. For instance, vecho (which displays many user 
messages, like “Welcome to FreeDOS”) don’t output text the same way as other 
programs and do not get captured at present. 

There is a lot of other stuff that I’d like to get done with Logger for the 
T2304 Interim Build. But, those are not critical functionality.



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