Hi All,

FreeDOS Interim Build T2304 is now available at 

I’ll start with what is not in T2304:

Fix for minor UI glitch in primary installer that occurs sometimes after 
partitioning a hard disk with FDISK. It does not effect functionality. There is 
most likely a simple fix. But, I just haven't had the time to look into and 
resolve it.
LOGGER. Decided it was better to just finish it and then release it for 
testing. After testing, we can decide if we want to include it in a following 
Interim Build. There are only a couple more things left I want to implement. 
However, I am very time constrained. Even so, I don’t expect it to be very long 
before it is completed. Stay tuned. :-)

Now for the primary changes is in T2304:

The new FDISK BETA (Bernd Böckmann). It gets installed and is also used to 
partition disks by the installer. It very important this is tested a lot so we 
can include it in the next eventual OS release (not just Interim Builds). 
HTMLHELP update (Andy Stamp). 
CABExtract updated to version (Darik Horn). 
vmsmount updated to version 0.6
Edlin updated to v2.22
LiveCD alternate RAM disk driver sizes increased. Most platforms use the 
primary RAM disk driver. However, that driver does not create a RAM disk on 
some platforms (like QEMU) an alternate driver is used. The alternate driver 
was set only as a fall-back with limited capacity to permit I/O redirection. It 
now will attempt to create a much larger RAM disk. This will require testing! 
ClamAV/DB configuration information updated (W.Spiegl)
MTCP outdated documentation conversion to text removed.


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