Is it possible to have the FreeDOS kernel start with driveletter 
assignment from specific interfaces, or are we stuck with what BIOS 
offers us?

When booting from USB, I've got multiple options:
1) syslinux + memdisk + floppy image
2) syslinux + memdisk + ISO file
3) syslinux + chain.c32 + kernel
4) syslinux + bootsector + kernel

What happens is that BIOS presents a USB flash disk as 1st harddisk 
instead of IDE/SATA harddisk, with consequences of FDISK and driveletter 

Situations 3 and 4 as described above can't be helped, BIOS presents USB 
flash drive as 1st harddisk, FreeDOS kernel recognises it as C: and you 
happily boot from C:
(only very small capacity USB drives used to boot as A:)

Situations 1 and 2 however make you end up with booting from a virtual 
diskette (A:). However BIOS still presents the USB disk as first 
harddisk, and thus FreeDOS lists it as C:.
My question thus is: can driveletter assignment be tweaked to start with 
primary partitions on SATA/IDE drives, or are we stuck with what BIOS 
presents us without ability to swap/shift drives?

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