Op 15-7-2011 0:42, Eduardo Casino schreef:
> Hi Bernd,

hello Eduardo, good to see you're around :)

> Because it is harmless. Is it really necessary to treat that case in a
> different manner than a successful installation? If it is, I'll look
> into that, it is trivial to modify.

it's not really necessary, was just looking at a way to branch from a 
"hey I've already run this part earlier and it's not necessary to run it 
a 2nd time".

> Nope. INT2F/122b and INT2f/122d are not implemented in kernel 2040
> (they were in 2039) Don't use NLSFUNC with kernel 2040.

Ouch. Good to know, I'll take this into account.
NLSFUNC seemed to work though initially, it's only CHCP that generates 
the errors. However maybe it explains andy KEYB or DISPLAY difficulties.

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